Sources Beyond The Book

Prof. Rood’s Climate Blog


  • The Climate Modelling Primer, 4th Edition, by Kendal McGuffie (Author), Ann Henderson-Sellers: A good textbook. Lots of exercises, some digital material.
  • Climate System Dynamics and Modelling, by  Hugues Goosse, Cambridge University Press: Another good basic textbook with exercises

For those who want to know More:

  • Online Model Descriptions from the University of Chicago
  • There is an extensive Tutorial on the NCAR climate model
  • If you are really interested, the scientific description of a climate model by Neale, Richard B., C. C. Chen, A. Gettelman, P. H. Lauritzen, S. Park, D. L. Williamson, A. J. Conley, et al. “Description of the NCAR Community Atmosphere Model (CAM5.0).” Boulder, CO, USA: National Center for Atmospheric Research, 2010.

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